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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  September 5, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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sunday's season opener at feddics field against the giants, he has been pegged as the guy which comes as a surprise to many fans who thought john beck would be the man ultimately the only thing that matters is the opinion of the head coach mike shanahan. >> very good battle as i said all along, and very competitive all the way through, i wanted to announce it today and the quarterback -- starting quarterback will be obviously rex, the rumors are right. shanahan confirmed those rumors to the team today before the start of practice the first full practice with the entire 53 man loster before we assume rex is on a short leash, this job is now rex's to lose and indicated when he is named the starting quarterback he is quote for the foreseeable future neither were made available to the media today
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but will be on wednesday which is an interesting scenario. more on the big qv news later in this show and wisdom martin has been out talking to some of the fans, i know this has got to be generating buzz in the street about rex overbake. >> reporter: well, doesn't it do this -- over beck? >> reporter: well, doesn't it do this every year look at this modern technology of the iphone, remember mcnabb they got rid of him all the talk in the off season was about john beck this guy here then it was back and forth they decided to go with rex then back to beck, that guy still out of the picture and then back to beck because he was talking now they decided to stick with this guy rex grossman, sexy rex will be starting quarterback we hit the sports bar to get reaction from fans about rex grossman being the new starting quarterback
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here is what they had to say >> i think it is great. >> why? >> because he deserves it. several years he deserves it. >> they both have their positives on paper, they each you know each have their strengths, each have their weaknesses it is a tough call. shanahan knows what he is doing you know as the experience is with the red skins, if it is not working they will pull him they have that opportunity. >> you are confident the decision has been made to go with grossman overbake. >> i am getting a lot of sigh -- over ubc >> i am getting a lot of silence >> i think both are good with all the new players on they will be great. all right back here at the sports bar where we are talking to fans i have been doing a little research that is what i like to do.
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on my research, 2000 brad johnson tony bank, pat ring ramsay, -- patrick ramsay, mark, campbell campbell campbell and now gross man until beck takes the job from him during the season the only thing consistent about the red skins is changing quarterbacks. >> this seems like an off the wall show for a later day. >> coming up later i will tell you about a couple team members we can expect to see in sunday's season opener in 20 minutes a very busy day at red skins park. see you in a bit. >> fox 5 star force keeping an -- storm force keeping an eye on the sky. the rain is coming down. in the fox 5 weather center with an update sue. >> it will be a wet week part of that is tropical moisture from the gulf the remnants of tropical storm lee which is not tropical but has a lot of heavy rain with it this has been slow to move into dc it will take its time to get out of here.
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radar, while there is some rain moving in that direction now, the good news we are not seeing much in the way of thunderstorms heavier out to our west, and in closer here, we are finding most of our rain now to upper marlboro heavier downpours, you can see this tends to move to the east and northeast, quickly over to viper there is a lot more rain to come, we have been measuring this with foot long sticks here 15 inches in parts of louisiana and that is the kind of rain coming in our direction so we do know, a flash flood is up for our area that will begin tonight and go through tomorrow evening we will talk much more about how much rain we are expecting at this point i think you can pretty much get we are going to have at least a few inches with the heaviest out to our west more on the forecast coming up. with the president set to unvail his jobs bill in a speech to congress labor day taking center stage in the
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political front. following this one and how the republican presidential candidates look at today as another chance to separate themselves from the pack. five of the republican candidates traveled down to south carolina today for four set up by tea party favorite jim demint. what was note worthy was who wasn't there, texas governor rick perry who has taken on the role as the gop front runner. president obama flew to detroit monday to out the his upcoming jobs plan on labor day 2011. >> on thursday we are going to lay out a new way forward on jobs, to grow the economy and put more americans back to work now. >> but the gop presidential candidates are also on the road. governor rick perry, the front runner, headed to new hampshire. >> 1 in 6 work eligible americans cannot find a job mr. president that is not a
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recovery that is an economic disaster. >> mitt romney was in the granite state even after serving as a governor and running unsuccessfully for senate and presidency he blames politicians for america's ills. >> career politicians got it into this mess and can't get us out of this mess it will take someone who understands how the private economy works because he has worked in the private economy i have. >> john hunts man is staking out much riskier territory offering an olive branch to moderates, a party increasingly dominated by conservatives. we need to win back democrats who used to be republicans who were regan democrats. >> the most intriguing appearance may have come from someone not even in the race, tea party rally in new hampshire, governor sarah palin sounded a lot like a candidate even though she has not announced her plan.
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>> now you have seen the proof yourself in president obama, candidate obama didn't have a record wall in office but president obama certainly does and that is why we are here today. >> with less than a year now before the political convention, long road to the white house is getting shorter every month. now much like his bus tour of the midwest last month officially the president's trip to detroit was billed as an official visit not a come pain event entire republican field will debate wednesday in a place of great significance ronald regan library and museum. well, if you think ronald regan you think posterity they will talk taxes jobs. >> it is a big night especially for three candidates this will be rick perry's first appearance at a debate with his other opponents brian, mitt romney really has to go after the perry campaign he lost front runner status to perry. huntsman is staking out new
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territory trying to draw in moderates and get independents we could be seeing a smaller field by this time next week depending what happens wednesday night in california. no secret the u.s. postal service is in dangerous territory now the post master general has a serious warning for congress. details next. >> also ahead. dc is granting licenses to grow and sell marijuana is it worth the risk of violating federal law.
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u.s. postal service is in danger of defaulting this year unless congress steps in the organization expects a $9 billion deficit this year, it could run out of money to pay workers and other expenses next year forcing it to shut down as soon as this winter the post master general blames an increase in e-mail and online bill paying he wants to make several changes to deal with loss of revenue including eliminating saturday mail service. the district is starting to
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weed out who will be allowed to grow and sell medical marijuana the law has been passed but the business still being shaped is fought with risks. karen grey houston takes a closer look. >> reporter: what will be sold will be medical grade marijuana, grown in licensed cultivation centers distributed from five city approved dispensaries. >> this is about helping sick people gain access to a medicine that has been proven to alleviate pain and suffering and stimulate appetite. >> reporter: it was narrowly crafted. >> we are trying to keep people out of the business that we thought had other intentionthat included people who had felonywho had drug related offences. >> reporter: the city selected more than 50 contenders, former tv talk show host monotell williams is associated with a sacramento nonprofit who wants
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a dc license. for medical grade marijuana, it must be grown indoors so people won't see marijuana grown in their next door neighbor's backyard. >> reporter: some dc area business people want to give growing and selling medical pot a shot, tony chang is one but a spokeswoman tells fox 5 he has changed his mind. >> others are vying for a chance he says be careful. >> there are still huge risks involved. >> reporter: a few weeks ago the health department amended regulations now applicants must sign a statement acknowledging growing a selling marijuana remains illegal under federal law but he says the obama administration seems disinterested in going after medical use violators. >> under this administration it is not the priority of u.s. attorneys to prosecute this particular series or types of narcotics laws. >> reporter: the district is expected to name the 16 winning applicants next year.
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karen grey houston fox 5 news. coming up next. your workweek forecast plus this flag flew over ground zero it was nearly lost forever the restoration project that involves over tonnes touched by tragedy sach! are you smiling yet? of course you are. especially since the new "let's get cheesy" menu starts at just $4.99. only at denny's. america's diner is always open.
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>> it is symbol of america's resilience after 9/11 a flag destroyed after flying over ground zero is being restored. >> reporter: it appeared over ground zero in the days after 9/11 a 30-foot long flag meant to be a similar symbol of hope -- symbol of hope but it fell apart and that upset volunteers picking up the pieces at the twin towers. >> it was an issue because of
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the deterioration it was suffering by blowing in the wind. >> construction manager charlie fisher had a clean up crew take it down october 01. >> there were a lot of pieces missing it was shredded pretty good. >> he put it away for seven years charlie was going to have the flag honorably retired instead he and his friend decided to let america bring old norry back to its former glory. >> kef the national 9/11 flag is on a 50 state journey. >> it started when charlie and jeff went to greens burg kansas 2008 to help folks rebuild after a devastating tornado a group of women taking flags that survived that storm and using them to patch the ground zero flag back together like a good old fashioned quilting be. so many things we will never be able to make whole again but this we will make
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whole. >> today looking less like a quilt and more like itself. matching patches of fabric from other retired flags, one person at a time, one stitch at a time, america sewing parts of the flag in towns across the country like pearl harbour hawaii and fort hood. veteranother local heros getting first dib s with the needle and lead but anyone can line up and take a turn each stitch as individual as the people who make them. all my tears are on the flag. >> katherine cross cried as she made a stitch in honor of her son killed on duty overseas just a few months after 9/11. >> i realized the sacrifice of truly not only my son but all of if others that we have lost in service to our country. >> every time you hear the star spangled banner and the rockets
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red glare and bombs bursting in air it proved through the night that our flag was still there, it is still here to me it is getting more beautiful every day. foxes shepherd smith reporting once the flag is fully restored it will become part of the permanent collection of th9/11 memorial museum at ground zero. i guess we escaped the vast ma jr.ty of the weekend -- majority of the weekend without rain and maybe the rest of the weekend >> i will put that on my wish, seven days out we have to wait and see about that one but we have to see this big blob of rain coming i am surprised we have got this much of the day dry. i know a lot of people heading out for that turf game are wishing it wasn't raining. if you are going make sure you take your rain gear there is not much in the way of lightning but it will be a wet night starting with radar we
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have this closed in so you can see what we are talking about, at least it is moving but heavier batches down around chesapeake beach, pasadena, saverna park not everyone is seeing rain but we will have waves of rain and it will get steadier as we go later into the night. we will show you what we are talking about here, mostly clouds today, all the rain out to our west, so get on the other side of the mountain, there is a lot of rain here here comes another cluster this may follow in the same path as we take a wider view we continue to see a frontal system heading this way, tropical storm lee down here, not far from mobile alabama it will feed in a lot of that heavier rain, that is what we will get around this region a flash flood is in effect it will begin at 8 and goes through tomorrow night you can see it for a wide region with the exception of the eastern shore get ready for folks mostly a wet week for us i think we will have a lot of
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showers tomorrow but embedded within those showers can be some pretty heavy tropical downpour here is what we are thinking heavy rain across the tennessee valley into the ap play sans i think the bulk of this will be out to the west as you can see with some of these huge raincoats 4 to 8 inches, around here next several days, 1.5 to 2.5 inches could this change absolutely as remnants of lee come forward these could get pushed farther east or west we will have to keep track of it day by day but we are expecting a good amount of rain this week. this has been producing tornadoes, seven so far we have a moderate risk through georgia and parts of alabama, we are not expecting to get thunderstorms up in our region but want you to know through southwestern virginia that could be a possibility and southern portions of west virginia maybe strong to severe storms tomorrow we have a big
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tropical set, what is the latest with at yeah, as expected, -- katia, it is a category three, a lot of out flow, right now, 495 miles south of bermuda, right now it looks as though it will pass between bermuda, and the east coast, hopefully a miss for the east coast, bermuda needs to be watched. tomorrow a cooler day i haven't talked about that hopefully you can wear those fall sweaters, the rain will bring in cooler air 71 degrees here is your 5 day forecast, bounce back up to 76 wednesday might feel kind of surprisingly chilly, with that rain, we have showers in the forecast, on thursday, and right now, a chance of showers and storms friday and saturday, we will keep processing that down in the weather center. >> yeah, you know pry day
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saturday sunday -- friday, saturday sunday would be nice. >> up next going back to tonight's big story rex gross man and the starting quarterback for sunday next in sports edge r e f
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happy labor day to you, i am greg ross all that training rex grossman did has paid off. grossman would be in fact the starting qv come sunday in the season opener versus the giants at fedex field it was a wet day today for grossman and the skins who no longer have to answer the rex versus beck question for the time being grossman told me during training camp he was looking at this opportunity to jump start his career now at age 31 he has been given the second chance to be a full time starter in the nfl the coach said the decision was not easy but one that had to be made now>> if we knew
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what direction we would go, let everybody know wednesday we can focus on the giants not all the speculation that goes on in between and i want to take as long as i possibly could, to make sure i did make the right decision or i should say we, we made the right decision but very competitive and i like where we are at. >> two guys expected to play on sunday, tight end chris, and saying all along he will be there now they were both back in pads as well which is a good sign both will be able to go and that should help out defense according to the sack master himself brian. >> we got a game we dominated we had games where we were all over the place eliminate the mistakes. now the wait is almost over for maryland yeah, the terrapins are 90 minutes from kicking off the game hosting
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the miami hurricanes, big things are expected from the qv o'bryan. >> this is what you want to play college pot gal for this is whey i came -- football for this is why i came to maryland. big conference games, night games. baseball, nats hosting the dodgers, desmond leading off playing shortstop that ball is going off the get go, his second homer in three games, we are tied at one. giving it a good leap but he can't get a 2 run shot 3-1 nats. very next batter, work you got to be kidding me get out and get going. we are not done bottom 6, again, 26 of the year for the big man and he is having a big
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year next, dodgers 7-2 tomorrow, will be the return of straws burg and weather permits of course. >> brian it has been a very busy day on this labor day but you are all caught up. >> thanks one last look at the five day forecast sue. we are going to show radar although, i switched you >> i switched your. and back. >> back to radar again especially for terrapin fans initial round of rain will get out more to the west. >> back here tonight at 10
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